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Why Are Physical Examinations So Important?

How often do you visit your family doctor? In addition to coming when you feel ill, it's a good idea to come in once a year for a physical. Health physicals allow your doctor to look at your overall health through blood tests, urine tests and physical examinations. At Dynamic Healthcare LLC in Clovis, NM , these tests are recommended for all adults but are most important for those over age 55.

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Don't put off getting a physical

Don't put off getting a physical

There are several important reasons to schedule a health physical at least once a year. During most physicals, your family doctor will:

  • Check for common diseases so you can receive early treatment
  • Identify any issues of concern so they can be monitored
  • Update your required immunizations
  • Check that you're eating a healthy diet
  • Confirm that you exercise regularly
  • Build the doctor-patient relationship

In addition to annual health physicals, you may also need a physical for school, camp or sports. Reach out to our health clinic in Clovis, NM soon to schedule your appointment.